Welcome to Triangle Jains

Triangle Jains Group (TJG) was primarily started as a namokar and bhajan group by 5 familes and today it has grown to a lot more.  The primary motivation to start this group was to bring our kids closer to the concepts and theories of jainism and inculcate those values that will teach them the very essence of being a jain. Our group today serves the spritual, cultural, social and community needs of Jain families in and around Raleigh/Cary/Morrisville area. We are dedicated to practice, understand, promote and preserve Jain faith.

Our primary mission is to facilitate and promote the religious practices of Jain Religion so TJG's members meet regularly, once , every month for worship and discussions/presentation related to Jainism.  These presentations are not only interesting but extremely informative for kids as well as adults. Some of those presentations can be viewed here.

You can view some Jain Bhajans in English here

Details for Next Jain meeting

  • Details for Next Jain Meeting

    The next jain meeting will be at Madhu and Santosh Gangwal's house on April 14th  2013.

    Please RSVP by sending an email to trianglejains@yahoogroups.com (kindly send an email atleast 1 week before the meeting)

  • Meeting Schedule 2013

    2013 Meeting Schedule




    Divya Shah

    13th Jan

    Richa Jain

    Shuchi Gupta

    10th Feb

    Divya Shah

    Vandana Surana

    31st March

    Vandana Chaudhary

    Madhu Gangwal

    14th April

    Saroj Aunty

    Ritu Jain

    19th May

    Sarika/Preeti Didi

    Neena Jain

    9th June


    Richa Jain

    14th July


    Vandna Chaudhary

    11th Aug


    Divya Jain

    8th Sept


    Ruchika Jain

    13th Oct


    Diwali Jain Meeting



     Priya Luhadia

     8 Dec



    2013 Upcoming Presentation Topics

    (Monthly Meeting Host to choose any topic and prepare presentation)

    Overview of life of Jain Sadhus & Sadhvis Completed
    Anekantvaad - Deeper dive By Dr Pravin Shah (Shuchi's place)
    What is "Samyak Gyan"
    What is "Samyak Darshan" By Mohini Surana
    What is "Samyak Charitra"
    Introduction abour "Tatvarthsutra"
    "Ahimsa" - Jain View By Sumit Gangwal
    Jain concept "Jeev & Ajeev"
    Jain Rituals - Why and How By Ritu Jain
    Understanding "Samayik & Pratikraman"

    Define "Arihants & Siddhs" 


     Explain Jain sects - Digamber, Swetamber, Terapanthi, Sthanakvasi